Review: My Child Lebensborn is an emotional gut punch, but an important one

Every once in a while a game comes along with a message that gut punches you. It reminds you that the world is a cruel place full of people just trying to navigate their lives in difficult situations. My Child Lebensborn is one of those games: it is not an escapist game by any means. Not that escapism is a bad thing – I think that there’s great value in not thinking about your problems for a little bit.

Holedown, the latest game from the mind behind twofold inc. and rymdkapsel, is all about seizing the means of production, at least according to my worm (ghost? ghost worm? space ghost worm?) friend at the bottom right of my screen. I assume they’re my friend — they call me comrade, after all — as they have been sticking with me on my journey to dig deeper!

Rewind to July 4th, my wife’s due date. For medical reasons, she had to be induced that night, which began the labor process. From start to finish, labor was about 26 hours. One thing I learned over this time is that there is a lot of down time in labor, especially for the dad. Don’t get me wrong, I was there as support for my wife the whole time, but there were times I just wasn’t needed. And so, I turned to my phone.